My next fitness goal!

After doing smaller triathlons and always dreaming of being a hardcore triathlete one day…. I am pleased to  announce my next goal,  to have a STRONG finish in the Avia 70.3 Wildflower Triathlon. Race date is May 5th, 2012! This race consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, and a 13.1 mile run. So since the goal isn’t to just survive, but rather have a strong finish – passing the finish line near a very personal goal time ;),  I’m going to have to kick my own a** in training.  I have high expectations for myself and the last person I wanna piss off is myself.  It’s  going to be hard, time consuming, stressful, tiring, and just plain wonderful. No more late nights for me, more glasses of water, more bananas, more massages, and a better body 🙂 . Ok I’m in. Extreme early mornings I hear you calling my name… Oh the fun begins. For updates on my journey to Wildflower please come back and visit my Wildflower Updates.

Let the training begin!

Step 1, get down to optimal race weight…. crap.

4 thoughts on “My next fitness goal!

  1. Snap, I’m on exactly the same journey, just in a different country. Ironman 70.3 UK is the plan for next and to say I’m looking forward to it would be a massive lie.

    I hoping your training goes to plan and you cross that finish line with arms and head held high. Good Luck


      • Im thinking 1/4 fitness, 1/4 the challenge and 1/2 my ego writing cheques my body can’t cash lol. Maybe thats just me though!

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