So many yogurts, which to choose….

Aren’t yogurts insane! There’s so many options and they’re getting quite expensive! $1.25 for something I can inhale in 20 seconds?  hmmm

I bought 4 yogurts and analyzed them. Hopefully you all look at  food labels, and if not, will start to!

Yogurts vary in size,  from 4oz -6oz – 8oz. My stats are broken down for a 1 oz  serving, making the numbers easily comparable.

Also, I soley compare Saturated Fat content only. The other kind, poly/mono are great for you!

~~~~~~~~   Activia Light ~  Chobani Non Fat ~  Clover  ~  Yoplait Light

calories               17.5                       21.25                28                  18.5

Sat. Fat (g)            0                            0                    3.5                   0

Fiber (g)               .75                          0                      0                     0

Sugar (g)             1.75                        2.1                   4                    2.5

Protein (g)           1.25                      2.75                  .8                     1

Calcium  (%)        3.75                       3.1                   3.3                 3.3

The winner is….  Chobani Non Fat Greek Yogurt

Why:  Low Sugar, 2x more protein than the others, and no fake sweeteners!  I eat for a reason and it’s to be satisfied and not hungry. This yogurt is creamy and not sweet. I added a little honey and granola and that was my whole breakfast. I was full. Full because protein makes you satiated and the added granola added the fiber.   $7.99/32oz –   25 cents/ oz

Why not Activia: 4oz servings aren’t doing it for me. Girls gotta eat. With protein only 6g for the whole thing, I’m going to look for more food. Also notice it has more sugar than protein? Not cool. oooo it has fiber though! …not really. Add granola or flax. Next.

Why not Clover:   Too many calories, too much saturated fat (remember it’s 1 oz listed up there) and barely any protein. It’s whole a milk yogurt with all real sugars… but wow 24g of sugar for the 6oz cup.  Too close to being ice cream .

Why not Yoplait:  Has more sugar than I like, has fake sweeteners, tastes way too sweet, and that protein isn’t impressive. Not in my mouth.

One thought on “So many yogurts, which to choose….

  1. Yes! I eat Chobani every day. Either the raspberry or pomegranete, OR I buy the PLAIN and add in chopped nectarine, strawberries, raspberries, or kiwi and sometimes add a drizzle of raw honey. The plain is also tasty mixed w/ choc hazelnut granola if you can afford a few extra calories. 😉

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