Why I never Train in the Fat Burning Zone

I don’t train in the Fat Burning Zone because it isn’t the best way to lose fat. It would take a veeerrryyy long time to lose your goal weight, so long you might find yourself hopeless, eating Oreos, while watching the Biggest Loser (which I’m not liking Anna as a new trainer).

Your body uses different energy sources at different exercise intensities. Mainly, your body will use carbs and fat during exercise. Protein at times if it’s desperate, and after for muscle repair (that’s why you should take in protein after working out). With lower intensity your body will rely on its fat fuels to support you, carbs kick in if you pump it up. Carbs as an energy source are quicker and more easily broken down, delivering your body this quick needed energy. Fats take longer, aren’t as efficient in delivering energy, only breaking down when you’re not in dire need for the quick stuff.

So the Myth said that if you exercise at 55-65% of your Max HR your body will use more fat, resulting in your body losing more fat. Sorry not true. BTW Max HR = 220-age.

You will burn more fat if you burn more calories. Going slow and steady isn’t it. But it’s better than nothing, and everyone has to start somewhere. Build upon your fitness slowley. Going too fast too soon, doing wrong  form, can lead to injuries and set you back.

I know everyone has heard this, you will only lose fat off your body if you burn more calories than you consume in a day.

So should you always do cardio at high intensities? Also no (will explain tomorrow ).

Remember, eating – sleeping – talking – chewing (with our mouths closed) – playing with our kids – cooking – thinking – all burn calories.

The calories that you burn in a day by just RESTING can be estimated by using a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Calculator.

There are many RMR calculators that work, however the one I like  gives you your BMR & RMR and also includes a list of lifestyle activity levels. With this,  an estimated total calorie expenditure in a day is given.  If you were to eat this amount of calories your weight will stay the same. Eat less – you lose, eat more -you gain. This is an estimation, a one size fits all calculator. Everyone is different. If you’re interested in getting  a more real number you might want to get an RMR test done.

BTW the only difference in BMR and RMR is that BMR is a more strict test, where an individual fasts the night before and does nothing but lay on a table for 12 hrs! yikes.


To start an exercise program correctly, KNOW YOUR RMR and stay below that! Follow up with reading  “How to Burn that Fat” http://wp.me/p1mRvx-33 along with “Eat Before a Workout?” http://wp.me/p1mRvx-3d to get going in the right direction!
Be good!


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