How to Burn that Fat

Trying to lose fat? Aren’t we all… Here are a couple rule of thumbs for anyone out there wanting to get a little more solid. If you’re one of the solid ones, congratulations.

Here’s my top ways to burn fat, explained  quick and simple. I can get a little scientific sometimes…. I’ll try to hold back.

  • Don’t starve yourself  – Your body will start to eat itself. Depending on your genetics — and the way you eat and exercise to create an energy deficit, your body may decide to conserve and drop your metabolic rate (slowing your calorie burn, RMR) and  hold onto body weight.    Read yesterday’s post about RMR and to get the # of calories your body burns in a day.
  • PUSH yourself in a workout – Your muscles and blood store glycogen (carbs/sugar) for energy expenditure. You need to use these stores up in order for your body to start soley using  fat. There’s always a % being used before hand (read yesterday’s post) but once carbs are out, it’s next in line.  Increasing the intensity also increases your afterburn. Afterburn is an increase in your metabolic rate ( increase in calorie burn) from your body trying to recover and repair itself, getting back to homeostasis from the workout. This is an additional # of calories burned by just being done with a workout!  Most studies suggest  that reaching an afterburn  requires  a minimum of 75% of your Max Heart Rate (HR) for the majority of a workout. This can be really hard to sustain, please remember everyone needs to start somewhere. Intervals can accomplish this, and what’s nice is you can play with the ratio of  hard:rest. Notice your improvement so you can build up and get better. BTW Max HR = 220-age
  • Weight Train – Lift Heavier weights if you can do sets of more than 12 reps. (8-12 reps is preferred).  Heavier weight obviously will stress muscles more, forcing them to adapt, growing them bigger. This is why we weight train. More muscle raises your RMR in a day and gives you the shape of being fit, not skinny.  Doing more reps is too similar to cardio, and if your goal is to burn fat, you might as well do cardio. Confusing that I’m going to say this… but more reps can be good at times.  – Muscle Confusion, a break from boredom… etc. I’ll be sure to explain this in an upcoming post.
  • Drink Water – I find myself trying to catch at night with my water intake. With kids, I fill as glass and leave it… finding it hours later. Darn. Get hydrated so that your body can train harder!  8 glasses day!
  • Sleep – Sleep (8 hrs) and your body will recover and repair better after a workout, work more effectively and efficiently by having more energy, and you’ll be awake less… meaning less meals and snacks. Lack of sleep also messes with your hormone ghrelin.  Ghrelin is  a hunger stimulate. When you’re sleep deprived you body produces and secretes more, making your appetite larger and more frequent. Ghrelin also is one of the culprits to controlling the fatty tissue in the abdominal area.
  • Burn more than you Eat – Find out your RMR and eat less than that amount! Please refer to yesterday’s post to learn about RMR and for the link to the calculator!

I hope this helps and that maybe you learned something!  … was I quick and simple? I tried.

Tomorrow’s post – ‘When and what should you eat before a workout…. or should you even?’

Be good to yourself!


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