10 Gym Pet Peeves

From working and pretty much living at the gym since 15  I’ve had the opportunity to witness these all too many times. Let me know some of yours!

  • People doing nothing.  Need I say more.
  • People doing nothing + staring. Need I say more again. Notice all the mirrors? Sneaking peaks doesn’t work.
  • Not using a sweat towel on machines. So so gross, be considerate.
  • Love this one… Walking on a high incline on the treadmill AND holding on.You’re walking flat still, just pointed up…

  • Talking on your phone or to others waaaayyy too loud.
  • Talking to me… (I sound mean , but I’m not their to mingle)
  • Walking around like you’re the sh@%. Men with their lat syndromes and cougars all done up,  without kids to take care of…
  • Slamming the weights each rep. Not necessary.
  • Not re-racking the weights. Put the weights back after you’re done, it’s just nice.
  • Naked ladies in the locker room, sitting on the bench with no towel under them, gross.
              Don’t be a peever!

2 thoughts on “10 Gym Pet Peeves

  1. 11. Sitting at a machine and texting for 5 minutes between each set. Jeez, your gym session must be 5 hours long with all those breaks.

    12. Running on the treadmill or cycling on the bike with no effort while reading the paper / latest novel. That’s not a workout and the gym isn’t a library!

    13. The gym locker room is somewhere to shower and get changed, not trim your downstairs area or your legs.No-one needs to see that, especially in the mens locker room.

    14. Jeans are for casual wear and going out, not doing free-weights.

    15. Woman who put on make-up just for the gym. I like an attractive girl as much as the next bloke but no woman looks attractive when her make-up has gone the way of the Joker from Batman.

    16. When the gym’s incredible hulk uses the squat machine or leg press and uses every single bit of weight he can find. This isn’t the problem, when he buggers off and leaves all the weight on there is. It takes 10 minutes just to re-rack it all properly

    Sorry, rant over!

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