Garmin 210 GPS Watch Review

In order to track my progress in my workouts (and soon killer training for my 70.3 Tri next year), I wanted to buy a GPS watch to give me all the wonderful stats to keep me motivated.

I went in and bought a Garmin GPS 610. Wow, it was huge, all come in a man size for some reason… For or my first run it felt like I had a 2 lb wrist strap on. The metal backing wasn’t wrapping around my ‘womenly’ wrist correctly and so even on the tightest setting it spun around. Not cool.

I returned it and got the Garmin 210. Which really is almost the same thing but it’s not a touchscreen, it beeps instead of vibrates to signal training zones, and it’s light -normal watch weight 🙂 .

BTW the watch is $250 with the Heart Rate monitor, BUT I got it on sale for $185!

I love this watch! It’s amazing what it can do. It’s easy to use too!  Just…

  • Charge it up
  • Press on
  • Go outside for it to find a satellite
  • Run
  • Plug it in the computer
  • Eagerly read all the amazing stats! (sometimes not so amazing)
  • Save all your runs to track your progress!

What’s super cool is that it lets you share/bookmark your run with all your stats via twitter, fb, stumble, digg, everything you can think of (there’s like 200 options, wow!) . You can embed it into a blog (like I’ll do here) and even ‘like’ your run on fb so that it’ll show up on your page. So so awesome. Wow I love this watch. Only bad thing is it’s not water proof, that’s actually super bad for me because I’m a swimmer. O’well the watch is still fantastic.

go go Garmin!


check out the cool graphs when you click ‘view details’. SO COOL!  You can see that at about 10:30 on the run, running had stopped for a quick second… crossing the street.

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