Avoid Getting The Hunchback at Work!

Nobody wants a hunchback and if you have an office job you may be slowly forming one. You’ve gotten used to sitting at a desk all day -sitting in this question mark position,  and when it’s time to go you unravel yourself, stretch, and walk out.

You have to do more than that! If you catch yourself throughout the day slouching and leaning your neck forward, imagine all the times you don’t catch yourself! Scarey!

Let’s avoid this nasty problem,which I thought of writing about because my husband rants how he feels terrible sitting all day, wishing for the treadmill desk… Christmas is coming emaildirect.com *cough cough*

Here are a few things you definitely need to start doing!

  • Stretch you Chest- When you slouch forward you’re stretching your back and contracting your chest muscles. Open that chest up baby!
  • Strengthen your back – You’ve been stretching it all day, you need to contract those babies and bring it back in!
  • Be Conscious of Your Posture – To ensure long-term changes, it’s important that you become more conscious of posture when standing and sitting. Needless to say,  we’re not designed to sit in an office all day we’re built to move. Getting out of your office chair to walk around several times throughout the day can go a long way.
  • Have a Consistent Exercise Routine– If your office job is part of your daily life, doing a routine to compensate for your chair torture should be too.
  • Use Proper Ergonomics At Work- I have an idea, go to a coworker and sneak a picture of them working. Have them analyze it so they can see their damage. Then, fix it – First, monitor should be placed at arm’s length directly in front of you at 15- 30 degrees below your line of sight. Your forearms should form a 90 degree angle as you type and your legs should form a 90 degree angle as you sit. Keep your shoulders back, chest out, head up and use a wrist pad placed directly behind the keyboard.

Found this great article with photos of stretches and strengthening exercises, can’t do better myself so I’ll just share it. 🙂


p.s  good posture  = looking 10lbs slimmer!


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