Homemade Chai Tea Latte


So I’ve slowly been making the switch to tea from coffee and along the way I fell in love with Starbucks’ Chai Tea Latte. I really hate to pay so much for it though and with kids on the brink of breaking a $12 mug, I’d like to have the tea minus the stress…

I made this recipe and it is FANTASTIC!

Things You’ll Need

  • Chai tea bag
  • Milk
  • Sugar, sweetener or honey
  • Nutmeg or cinnamon… or both

For myself, I used Tazo Organic Chai Tea, 1% Milk, Truvia sweetener, and sprinkled both cinnamon and nutmeg on top. My son had some and I put a puff of whipped cream on top to make it fun. 🙂

1. Boil water and pour it into a cup with your tea bag, fill it up to about 3/4c… wait 5 minutes.
2. Add warm or steamed milk. I whisked about 1/2c of milk in a pot while I was waiting for the 5 minutes, making it nice and frothy. Used about 1/4c for each tea.
3. Add your sweetener to taste.
4. Sprinkle latte with cinnamon and or nutmeg.
5. Enjoy thoroughly!
Bottoms Up

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