Fitness Tips to keep you on Track!

learn how to deter from being like this…



Here are 10 tips to help you stick to a weight loss goal!

  1. Have an exercise buddy or partner.  Nobody wants to look like a flake so if you can find someone on a similar track as you, go for it. Make a schedule with a friend. Sign up for a race together or go in and try those group exercise classes at the gym.
  2. Schedule your workouts. Keep a calendar that lists specific times for your workouts. Make it as important as an appointment!  You’ll avoid trying to fit it in the day of.
  3. Weigh yourself daily. Weighing yourself daily will keep you aware of how “good” you’ve been.
  4.  Don’t do too much, too fast.  Start with 3 days, build to 4 and so on. Assess your fitness level and make sure that you can handle what you’re attempting. Don’t make your body hate you. Do more on the nutrition side instead of burning yourself out.
  5. Log your workouts. Logging the time that you workout will help you keep track of your improvement and mark those goals  that you should be making. It’s nice to look back and see what you’ve accomplished.
  6. Cook more often. You’ll almost always consume fewer calories in a meal when cooked and eaten at home, unless you also make a sampler with sides of dipping sauces. Write your meals, shop for them, and make them.
  7.  Throw out all the CRAP!  Yes yes, you paid for it… but how does it make you feel? ….Especially after you eat it. It’s not worth it. You have to break the routine one day, why not now? Don’t let packaged products make you feel bad and rule you!
  8. Buy workout clothes you like. You don’t have to have  matching coordinating outfits, just make sure the clothes you’re in feel good, are comfortable, and make you look good. Jog up and down in the fitting room, check your butt out, do the low squat check for wedgies and if it passes, purchase! By looking good, I’m more along the lines of not bunching or pinching in places you don’t want to draw attention to, that’s where people’s eyes will be lead to.
  9. Eat Healthier.  Start with mini nutrition goals, switch to 100% whole wheat… not enriched! Eat whole, colorful foods from all the food groups. Pack in the protein and fiber so you won’t be as hungry. Also, your body will maintain its muscle mass and burn fat more efficiently. You won’t be perfect at first, do what you can and be happy with that. It’ll get easier – and in a year, think of the difference you could have made!
  10. Educate yourself.   Please know what you’re doing. Learn how your body works and how you can control it best.  Eating bad and making up for it by skipping meals is a no no… could you explain to me why? Could you tell me why interval training is awesome? Can you tell me if you should eat before going on a run in the AM? …… If not, you should read some of my blogs. 🙂
Peace Out!

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