Perfectly Boiled Eggs

I like to boil 2 dozen eggs on Sundays so that I’ll have a quick go to item that is healthy. I love having the option to throw some on a salad when I’m lacking a protein topping with my lunch/dinner. Also my kids love’em.

However!  Sometimes they’re easy to peel and sometimes not,  when they’re not it sucks. I end up throwing half the eggs away because I’ve stripped the whole thing down to the yolk. I’m not the only one with this problem am I? Well, the link attached is tested and approved by myself. I have never been so excited to peel eggs before. 🙂

Should you eat the yolk? It is the only part of the egg with cholesterol and saturated fat, the egg white is pretty much pure protein. Out of all the eggs I eat, I eat about 1/3 of them with the yolk. I mostly do this because I always seem to have an iron problem, starting about 6 years ago before my first child. My last blood test was 2 weeks ago and it showed that I have anemia!  – I knew I was always tired for a reason!!!  Yolks are one of the the top iron rich foods out there… so I let myself indulge once in awhile. When I scramble eggs I take the yolk out of half of them.

go boil some eggs!

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