Fitness Circuit #1

Here’s a full body circuit to do at home or take to the gym.  Have fun!

Add in 30 minutes of Cardio after!

Equipment Needed:  Dumbbells, Mat.

Warm up: Anything (Fast walk, jog, incline walk, stairs) 5-10 minutes

Circuit 1

ONLY rest after each round for 30 sec, not between exercises. Complete 3-5 rounds. Whatever you can handle!

15 Squats                   Keep weight on your heels. Knees do not go over toes!

20 Jumping Jacks

15 Rows                      Pull elbows back, squeeze should blades together.

30 seconds  Fire Feet

10 Push ups             On your toes or on your knees!  Breath!

10 Ice Skaters

50 bicycles             Not fast but QUALITY. Kick legs out further to work harder


Tips: If your form needs work don’t do heavier weight!  Go heavier for more of a challenge!

Keep the pace slow – count 3 sec on the return phase of the rep and 1 second on the exertion.

Always breath out when you are pushing against gravity!   i.e on the up phase of a push up & standing up on a squat.

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