Fitness Circuit #3

Follow with 30 minutes of cardio after!  Keep your heart rate up!

Do at least 3 rounds, up to 5 if you have it in you!  NO resting between exercise transitions, only 30 seconds rest after you complete a full round! 🙂

Equipment needed : Dumbbells, Mat.

Warm up: Anything (Fast walk, jog, incline walk, stairs) 5-10 minutes


16   (8 each leg)  Reverse Lunge to Shoulder Press

30 Mountain Climbers

Plank to fatigue, time this and note.

10 Stand ups with DBL Arm Overhead Static Hold

10 Squat Jumps

16 Single Leg Bicep Curls standing on one leg, switch legs at half

30 Plank Jacks

If your form needs work don’t do heavier weight!

Go heavier for more of a challenge!

You should be slightly breathless to get results!

Modification: Go half as low on squats

Keep the pace slow – count 3 sec on the return phase of the rep and 1 second on the exertion.

Always breath out when you are pushing against gravity!   i.e on the up phase of a push up standing up from a squat.

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