McDonald’s won’t give me apples with that?

applesI know I know! McDonald’s! Hey I have kids and try to live quite normally, and when you’re on the run you have to make them happy some how. I usually order my kids a Happy Meal with apples and a chocolate milk… they pick the main course, 🙂 .

For myself I’ve found a way to be good… Grilled Chicken Sandwich, add an extra tomato, and get rid of the top bun. Yum!  The last 2 times that I’ve been to McDonald’s I ordered the meal,  not the one with bacon -the other one… with no mayonnaise and a Diet Coke (I have about 1 per week). I asked to replace the fries with apples… and was shut down! ?? Really confused because a bag of apples are $1 and a small fry is $1 … in the meal you get a medium fry… which then means the apples are cheaper…

I didn’t get the meal in the end because I was PO’d. I would’ve just ordered the sandwich but I was too annoyed and was trying to make a statement.  … I wonder if they noticed?

I hope McDonald’s reads this … I’m trying to be healthy! Aren’t you guys trying to publicize about making healthier options? Ha!

What’s their saying …

I‘m not lovin it”

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