How to write the perfect workout

How do you write your workouts out?

Maybe something like this:

3×10 shoulder press

3×10 squats

3×10 tricep extensions

Or maybe you mix it up sometimes and do 3 sets of 12, some days even going a little out of the box and daring to do 3×15.

Many will tell you, ‘base reps on your goals.’

A list of goals commonly said:  I wanna tone.  I wanna lose weight. I wanna burn fat. I wanna build muscle. I wanna get smaller. I want a six pack. I want a smaller butt. I wanna get rid of my tire…. blah blah blah.

What all of these things really mean for the average population is… I wanna look HOT. That means   YOURSELF – FAT + MUSCLE = GOAL!

1st I need to say one thing, there is no such thing as toning. When someone says “I wanna tone”  I have to try not bursting into laughter. This word has been used too often in every fitness magazine that targets to women, I guess we like that word? Toning. Tone. I wanna tone. Tone. TONE, tone tone. TONE!  Yah I guess it’s fun to say. lol

Ok, let’s get back on track here. I think everyone who hasn’t studied fitness and doesn’t read text books for fun like me, is much too confused on how to write a HARD ASS WORKOUT. Anyone can write a workout, but how do you give yourself a challenge (consistently) that will get you closer to your goal.

So for everyone here, who has a life and doesn’t have time to write reps, sets,  and wonders how long to rest between… if you would please stop counting reps. How are you going to see improvement if you always do 10, or 12, by going up to 15? What then go to 20? Or will you then add weight? Come on, we all know you don’t remember every weight you did the week before. Plus, if you add weight, what then, add weight plus go up to 25?  BORING BORING BORING. No wonder people hate working out. I’m bored just writing about it.

Ok I need to start making my closure here before my 3 year old, Ben, wakes up from nap.

Write all your workouts based on time. 

Have you heard of HIIT, Tabata, Circuit Intervals? They’re not a joke, so join in.

Write out 8 exercises, ending with every part of your body getting worked – always try to incorporate your lower body with upper body – increase your calorie burn. i.e the infamous – Lunge with bicep curl to shoulder press.

After every two exercise throw in a cardio of your choice (where you don’t need a machine). i.e  JJacks, Ice Skaters, Fire Feet.

Do each exercise and cardio choice for 30 seconds, no rest in between until you finish 1 complete round. Rest for 30 seconds. Then do 2 more rounds or until your workout time is up. If you’re nonstop for 30 minutes and worked hard, I think that’s sufficient. YOU DON’T NEED TO KILL YOURSELF FOR AN HOUR TO GET RESULTS.

Another tip, it’s ok to do the same full body workout 3-4x a week for 4 weeks. That’s how you’ll really see your improvement, and that’s motivating! OR if you hate that, repeat your different workouts you did that week for the next 4-8 weeks (same one every Monday, Tuesday etc…)

Pros to time based workouts:

You can see your improvement, 2 weeks ago you couldn’t make the 30 seconds, you slowly see you’re ending each exercise with more power, improved technique and “attacking the workout”… in 2 more weeks you’re going to have to add time. 🙂

Within the set time you can add or decrease weight. Take notice,  in 2 weeks time you can now stick with the 5’s and not have to drop them. 🙂

By not resting your heart rate is up the whole time, thanks to the constant movement and those lovely cardio choices you speckled throughout,  C ya later never calories….

THIS is the easiest way for the average person to write out a successful workout. I say average because bodybuilders and athletes with training schedules based on phases aren’t the average population. That doesn’t mean it’s never incorporated here and there in their training, because it is.

If you’re still reading this congratulations, I’m going to reward you with this link…. it has some great apps that will time your intervals so you don’t have to look at your watch 🙂  Tabata Pro is pretty cool.


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