An Amazing Thought

I decided to do yoga today. For two reasons, 1. I’m sore and my back hurts, and 2. To get the kids watched for an hour, 😉

Anyway, I walk in and start doing what everyone else is doing, laying and breathing. ok.  The instructor puts on a cd with inspirational sayings, so I listen. Breathing, laying down, eyes closed,  I lay there and notice that everything said is something I need to do. oh crap, I don’t think that’s good.

Everything has to do with patience, giving, rest, stress, living, and forgiving, enjoying oneself etc… this is right up my alley – I am one ball of craziness right now. Wow.

After, the instructor says “Your body is your oldest friend and steadiest companion.” WOW that just struck me, I told myself to remember that forever (kinda corny but I did). Isn’t this an amazing quote? Our body has been with us forever. It has been through all the good, bad, hurt, sadness, joys, milestones, births, celebrations, embarrassing moments, and achievements.

My body has stuck with me through everything! Even through all the crap I’ve put in it, and the 10 year span where partying and drinking was pretty high on my priorities (I blame it on having awesome friends) . My body is still here, strong, healthy, and alive. This ‘body’ has kept my soul safe and has given me a wonderful life to experience.  It makes me think of the things that I must continue, or begin to do in order to keep my ‘oldest friend,’ strong and safe.

Maybe I loved this quote so much because I have always been interested and fond of stories and readings about our souls. Some religions believe that only humans have souls, where others include any biological being. Some even go to include nature’s waterfalls, mountains, forests and the like. I love to think that everything has a soul, like my house. 🙂  What about you?


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