I am not Small. Period.


I will never be a size 0, 2, 4, depending on the brand… not a size 6, usually an 8, sometimes ( like at Target) I’m a 10. Like a lot of people, I have to remind myself this here and there because I  get frustrated that I do everything I do, compared to other women  who do way less -even nada.. and are half my size!

I remind myself that my body gave me a full ride college scholarship for swimming, that I was a swimming and water polo All American, I’ve ran 1,000’s of miles, carried my kids on my hip for hours per day, til they were way too old… still with the 3 yr old ( why don’t they want to walk!? Lol) . I am stronger than probably 99% of woman I see daily and I can do a better job defending myself and children if needed to!  Oh I dare someone!

I am built like a rectangle. Facing me, my shoulders and hips are the same width and my torso does not curve like an hour glass, it almost goes straight down.  I’ve always had a big bottom, I was called bubble butt in middle school (so mean). I have a pretty wide back and big shoulders because I swam competitively for 20+ years. My thighs are big, I did a lot of Olympic lifting in college and that helped me get the hang clean record at Nebraska, and best vertical + 40 yd dash on my team.

I guess I just vented. We all need to once in awhile. My strong frame is going to help me cross the street quickly when I’m 90!

Fitness is bigger than eating well and exercising, it’s feeling good inside and out… something I am working on! You can call it  wellness… the whole ‘mindbody’ being strong and healthy… whatever it is, it’s important.

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