Should you Gym with a Clique?

Found this and thought is was worth sharing:   Should you Gym with a Clique?

What do you guys think?

I loved being on team sports because everyone there has the same goal, to be THEIR best. Everyone is there to work their butt off and the energy just transfers off to everyone around them. This is why I think working out in a group with people who have similar drive and work ethic is the best way to get amazing results. I always thought…”Don’t let anyone out work you” -don’t confuse this with the fastest or most talented person out there. This person is the one with the courage to knowingly pass their physical limits and discover what’s on the other side.

Compare this to what most people do, solo, boring workouts. Walking around and thinking if what they should do. Add that to not eating correctly.

Well, like in anything you need a plan! Have a plan that will give you success!

If you need help please contact me! From your current starting point I can make a meal and workout plan that WILL work if you stick to it!

8 days in and a new client sent me a picture of herself wearing a belt! She wore the same pants the week before not needing one!! Wow! It’s her consistency that’s paying off!

Local or not, I would love to help you get to your goal!

Look on my services page to contact me!



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