Do I Smell? Yup, that’s me.

Lesson learned! This isn’t the first time either but geez, this lingering smell was around me all morning and I thought it was my son Ben. haha. I kept smelling it even when he wasn’t around though…. errrr …. it was my pants. They were clean, just washed. They didn’t get forgotten in the washer to get stinky either. BUT what I usually do with my workout clothes is workout and then just throw them with the rest of the dirty laundry. This lets my sweat linger, letting bacteria grow and cause that yucky smell. This can’t be removed with regular detergent (Tide) and soaking it in hot water for hours -I’ve tried. Also,  I’d like to avoid those ‘sports detergents,’ they are waaayyyyy too expensive!

An easy, fast, and CHEAP fix is to add 2 cups of White Vinegar to a large load (less depending on the load size) Add your detergent, softner etc. as usual. Normal Wash…. tada!

I’m also going to start putting my sweaty stuff in a separate bin so my other clothes don’t touch it… BTW my clothes are drenched after a workout. My husband is always surprised how gross I get. ha.

– this also works on the clothes you forget for 2 days in the washer. 🙂


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