Push Through Wednesday



If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.

 -Thomas A. Edison

ahhh Wednesday! What do I do with you. For me you are the hardest day of the week. Monday is getting back on the grind, with kids that can be nice… routines are big. Hitting my workouts and eating my meals at normal times (unlike sometimes on the weekend) makes me happy. With Tuesday I’m still on it, taking kids to sports, prepped foods are still stocked and keeping the family on track. Thursday I’m feeling like ‘tomorrow is Friday! woot woot.’ And oh Friday,  ‘I made it though the week’  -sticking to workouts, meals, house is in order, kids are still alive and healthy… Saturday and Sunday are bonuses because my hubby is off ❤ .

BUT WEDNESDAY, what can I find in you that I can look forward to? Does anyone out there have anything?

I’m gonna take Wednesday and think of it as a push day. Push Though today and wallah, you got your week on track and it’s moving forward. Maybe call this a focus REFOCUS DAY.  Refocus on what you’re striving to accomplish this week.  From work, fitness, family… anything. Refocus and make sure you have all the tools necessary to help you complete a successful week.

I think I’m liking Wednesday a little more already.

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