Just an idea… Don’t Just Sit There.


Parents watching their kids burn a ton of calories.

I like to watch my son practice, but there are those days where I have to squeeze a workout in when I should be doing something else, or I have to shorten it up because of time. Yesterday my son Ben (3) visited Grandma while I took Zach (6) to practice. It was my first time not having Ben there, he usually keeps me pretty busy – going to the park, blowing bubbles for him etc. Without him there yesterday I got to sit and watch Zach for 75 minutes. I kept looking at my watch,  fidgeting in my chair, pulling my phone out… I was bored. Out team doesn’t let parents sit right on the sideline, we have to be in the stands quite a distance away. You can’t hear anything and my son’s team was in the far field, so you can’t really “watch” anyway. I actually mentioned to a parent in conversation “Man, this feels like a long hour, we should all bring running shoes and run.” They didn’t reply to this… having replied to everything else, it was a little weird.

Am I weird to think that it would actually be worthwhile to do this? Instead of missing a workout, or for some, never working out… why not fit it in when your kids are at their practice (I think the coaches would like that too – less hawk eyes on them). If it is weird then I guess it would be SUPER WEIRD to ask them if they wanted me to start coordinating workouts… it actually seems fabulous to me. I would love that. Even with Ben and other parents having their children with them, we can make it kid friendly (like squats with your kids on your back friendly) Would you guys do it?

4 thoughts on “Just an idea… Don’t Just Sit There.

    • thx marj! I would totally be all over that too. Sometimes I have to take a step back and look at it from someone else’s point of view, since I know I am a little crazy about it. thx for the input!

  1. Such a great idea! I know I love when parents get in a lane and swim while I’m teaching a lesson.
    And Michelle was just saying the other day how she hates missing workouts because Maj has
    Baseball practice. What a good idea to do a workout there!

    • I’m sure it must feel like they trust you and don’t need to stare at you the whole time, lol. Michelle sounds like she’s on it! good for her! I’ll be putting together #april15 on twitter and FB, last 15 day of april challenge. I’ll update you. Thx for the input kar! 🙂

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