Steps to Start Eating Clean and Working Out!

   Eat Clean and  work on your Fitness to trim up!

Start Fresh! Let’s Go!

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Nutrition Rules

  • Drink a glass of water at wake up, 30 min before each meal, before bed AND throughout the whole day! Always have it with you!
  • Don’t drink calories. This means lots of lemon water and fresh brewed teas!!
  • No crackers, cookies, processed foods  -fake stuff!  Avoid these foods
  • Plan – (that means write it down) & Prep clean, healthy, whole food meals on Sunday. Prepping Tips
  • Eat 1500 calories: 5-6 small meals throughout the day, breakfast is a must.  think spreading your calories like this:

                                    400-100-400-100-400-100 (6 meals)  or…

                                   400-150-400-150-400  (5 meals)

  • Eat within 30 min of a workout. 2:1 , 3:1 carbs:protein ratio, here are some snack ideas. Obviously no snack if you’re eating a meal.


Fitness Rules

  • Get a Calendar and schedule when you will workout
  • 2x a week do 30 min cardio at wake up BEFORE eating, why this will help. Whatever cardio you choose to do,  integrate 6 intervals (think 30 sec sprint 1 minute rest) to increase your after burn. in the words of N Sync…. BYE BYE BYE….. (fat)
  • In addition to those 2 mornings, fit in 3 other 1 hour sessions during the week where you kick your butt. It can be running outside, a spin class, a strength cardio circuit. etc. I posted workout image suggestions below.
  • Cardio is awesome, but involve 50min-1hr of strength training through the week… 20 minutes one day, 10 another etc… push ups during some commercials.. or the circuits posted here would be sufficient. 🙂   Just know to push yourself when you workout! If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you! Also, do something different than what you always do. Workout ideas below! Good Luck!! 


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3 thoughts on “Steps to Start Eating Clean and Working Out!

  1. Thanks! I found ones that are high in fibre and got some vegetables to mix with my eggs in the morning.
    btw is cornflour ok to have? I noticed you mentioned white flour, but you didn’t say anything about cornflour, so I was wondering.
    Thanks again!

  2. Hello, I’m starting Eating Clean and working out this Sunday. What is a good milk replacement? I’ve tried coconut milk but found it too watery. Can you recommend one?
    Also, I love bagels. I always have a fruit and oats bagel in the morning. Is this still allowed?

    • Hi Ana! Unsweetened Almond Milk is a great replacement. If you go to my twitter @eatsweatsleep I actually have a pix of the side by side comparison of milk and almond milk. My kids haven’t noticed it in their cereal…baby steps with it for them. 😉 For breakfast you want to make sure you’re loading on protein and fiber. Fruit and Bread is a lot of carbs, ditch one of those options and get some protein in there PB on a half bagel perhaps and some eggs or fruit with non fat greek yogurt and eggs and half bagel.. Read for some great breakfast options that I have posted. Let me know how it goes!!! Have a great Weekend! oh p.s: … high fiber bagels would be your best choice. You should be eating about 25g of fiber/day.

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