Clean Eating Chocolate Brownies

My focus lately has been eating less overall ingredients. So when I look at ingredient lists on products I usually end up putting them back. This way of eating has been working great for me. First, it’s easier to eat less calories because I have to make most of what I’m eating!  Two, it’s all healthier with actual nutrients and FIBER which keeps me fuller longer =less hungry = less eating = less calories = trimmer me =  Happy Angie = Happy FAMILY  🙂

Well, last night My whole family had dessert – BUT ME. 😦

I was drinking a glass of Vanilla Almond Milk with dinner and had some left, I finished it while they were stuffing their faces with Keeblers Rainbow Cookies…. to my surprise I didn’t care for something sweet… I think the Almond Milk was enough for me (good trick to know). I’m surprised my husband didn’t say anything because I always want something sweet after dinner (I sometimes even make chocolate chip cookies from scratch to satisfy it). To come think of it, I’m bummed he didn’t say anything… where’s the support and recognition Chris!! JK love you pookie tookie.

OK anyway, I went on the hunt for a Clean Eating Brownie Recipe… I found one in my old Glutes Magazine… baaahahah. yes I have a Glutes Magazine (special edition of Oxygen Magazine), you know you wanna buy one too. lol

So I just made them! I made one batch, tasted it, and made another… does that answer your question on whether I liked it? …. yes I did, YUM!  You can slightly taste the prunes, but it’s more chocolate overall.

PLEASE NOTE: This doesn’t mean I’m gonna eat these all day. These would be great to eat on a long shopping or  park trip, son’s baseball game, post workout snack.  🙂  I’m for sure gonna have one after dinner tonight, YES!

SO how about I take a picture of the recipe so I don’t have to type it… cool? Sweet thx.

Here ya go 🙂

DSC_0336 DSC_0334


ok ingredients are ready!


that’s a prune btw, put it all in and pulse it!


just added the oats that were soaking in almond milk, now puree to smooth


this is super sticky, take it out and flatten it in a small container, 5×7 or smaller


DONE! There’s no baking!  This is two batches on a 5×7 glass container. Cover and eat later. 🙂

It’s been over 30 min and the directions say to cut it. It’s too sticky to cut and so I’ll probably just leave it in uncut until I’m ready to come in for the kill.

I’m going to have my kids try this, obviously just telling them it’s a brownie, hey I’m not lying! I’ll update on how they fared.

UPDATE!!! Well, they new it wasn’t a real brownie.. haha. But what you know I put some chocolate syrup on it and a dallop (is that what it’s called?) of Whipped Cream and they chowed down… hey it’s an improvement. lol 😉

2 thoughts on “Clean Eating Chocolate Brownies

  1. I did notice and was going to say something but my mouth was full. Plus I was trying to teach Ben how to ‘share’ his cookies… with me. :0

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