Ready to HANDLE Pacific Grove Triathlon!

Well after months and months of not training for anything (I kept saying I didn’t have the “training bug”), I woke up last night about 12AM, (oops fell asleep in my 3yr old’s bed again hehe) went to my own bed and it hit me, I gotta sign up for something. This urge to have a strict training schedule and get in tip top tri shape was all I could think about.

I got on my phone and signed up for…



I’m pumped.

I have a desk calendar like this one:


I can’t wait to write out my workouts on here. I have a 16 week training plan I’m going to use, it has me doing 10 workouts a week! I can’t wait to look at all the crap I have to do and complain to my husband about it (by complaining I mean “making sure my husband knows how bad of a bad ass I am” lol)  I can’t wait to eat hella food because I have to. I can’t wait to get my 6 pack and be able to drink a 6 pack without losing my 6 pack… get it. Don’t worry that’s a half joke. 😉

I’m an average age grouper… not a pro. Those pros are the ones on t.v and magazines … how do they look so cool while they’re racing? Unfortunately I’m not a great runner (I’ll hope to pull 8:45 min miles on the run (10k – 6.2 miles), and on the bike (40k- 24.8 miles) …uh maybe I can pull 17mph. I got swimming, I swam in college – I was a sprinter though, so we’ll see how this 1.5 k (.93 miles) goes.

I’ve done tri’s before. My last one was  Avia Wildflower, May 2012. It was a Half Ironman, so the distance was twice as long with rough terrain, high grades…. uhhhh that run was so hard. BUT I survived and actually finished it thinking it wasn’t as bad as I thought (I had heard scary stories about some of the bike climbs) .. like one they call “Nasty Grade” … it wasn’t too bad.

Pacific Grove is a pretty flat course…. woot woot!!

Ok! Well I’m stoked! I’ll post about how awesome, crazy, tiring, and overwhelming training, mommyhood and having a life is going! 🙂

Here’s some shots from last year’s Wildflower… 1/2 Ironman Distance.

photo (3) angie_finish1

Maybe at this tri I won’t wear my Hubby’s Golfing Cap and my ‘Cool’ shades.

2 thoughts on “Ready to HANDLE Pacific Grove Triathlon!

    • Thx! It’ll keep me busy and decrease my lounging time 🙂 Although the race is pretty flat, I live in El Dorado HILLS, and so most runs will have an elevation climb of 500-1000. I’ll have to work on more speed though so I’ll maybe have to drive somewhere to run… sucky.

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