Get your 4 Hour Body On

In two weeks I start on my strict 16 week training plan for this September’s ‘The Triathlon at Pacific Grove!’  I was thinking I’d like to cut some weight before starting my training and coincidentally saw this book at the library.  I’ve seen it before and remember being curious about it and so checked it out. BTW every time I go to the library I think how awesome it is. I’d stay longer if my kids would let me. Anyway, the author, Timothy Ferris, says that by following the ‘Subtracting Fat’ eating program in this book a person can lose 20lbs of fat in 30 days. If I lose 5-7 lbs then I’m set.



I eat  pretty good and once training starts will continue to do so.  Eating for athletic performance is much different than eating for fat loss. It’s difficult to cut calories and avoid eating clean carbs when those things are needed to fuel long, hard workouts… I don’t want to ‘BONK’ in a workout… tri talk. 😉  Sure I’m gonna get lean and mean either way but it’ll be a lot easier to drop some fat before so that I can start training being lighter and quicker.

These are the foods I’m allowed to mix and match and make meals out of:


haha, yes that’s it. Pretty easy on the grocery shopping I suppose.  A few things that he mentions after this list is that I can have  2 tbs of cream with my coffee (YES!), cottage cheese, 2 glasses of dry red wine per night! (I won’t need all that)  and protein shakes made with water. I can have fruit 1day a week and am allowed 1 cheat day per week. He says, actually recomnends, to eat out every meal, drink a keg of beer, eat anything and everything, you’re body actually needs this day for the plan to work. I’m in!!!

On a usual basis I’m to  eat about 4-5 times a day. If I’m still hungry then I’m just to eat more, no biggie- just eat from the list. A big rule is to eat 30g of protein at breakfast and eat within 30 minutes of waking up (I love breakfast)…also, I can have sauces that are not cream based (vinaigrettes mostly) and salsa with no added sugar.

I’m ready for this. BRING IT!!!! I’ll share my progress and stats soon!

Is anyone out there training for Pacific Grove or any other race?

Here’s what I ate for breakfast today: 1 egg + 4 egg whites with red bell pepper and spinach,  black beans with fresh garlic and cilantro (I LOVE CILANTRO!), coffee, and water! yum!


2 thoughts on “Get your 4 Hour Body On

    • I can have fruit 1 day, plus on my weekly cheat day where I’m allowed to eat unlimited foods and calories. He honestly says go all out, eat 10k calories… won’t matter . 🙂 thx for asking. Ill have to add this info on an update!

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