1 week update on 4 Hour Body Program

Uhhh….I feel AWESOME! 4.5 lbs down, and it looks and feels like it!

If you read what I have to do on the 4 Hour Body then you might feel like I can’t eat much.

Wrong! I love what I’m eating, meat and veggies… shakes, nuts etc…   lol why does mentioning nuts make me giggle. Grow up Angie.

There are actually a lot of options and I’ve been pretty creative. I’ve been having spinach, black beans, 1 whole egg + 4 eggs whites with hot sauce, pepper, cayenne pepper, salsa (not overboard right?)  for most of my breakfasts. Lots of salads with a ton of everything… I pack it with so much protein and fiber that I’m satisfied for hours. I actually have to make myself drink a protein shake later. They’re yummy so it’s like a dessert. Dinner is usually grilled fish or chicken with a ton of veggies. I try to stay away from carbs at dinner (no beans)… and no I haven’t been noticing any crazy bean affect… maybe because I ate more beans than the average person before… Guatemalan born baby.

I’m allowed 2 glasses of red wine a night, I did that 1 time… and I had a cheat day last Saturday. It was a half cheat day though because I thought I’d cheat on Sunday – but then I heard my friends were having a pool party… 😉

Anyway, I feel trim, light, energetic, happy, awake, and excited that I am seeing results just 1 week after. I can’t wait to share how my #2 week goes.

Here some of my meals:

Carrots, Spinach, 1 egg + 4 egg whites, cottage cheese w/cinnamon

Spinach, Boiled Eggs (ate a little yolk), Red/Green Bell Peppers,  Black Beans, Walnuts, EVOO and Balsamic

Spinach – Onion – Salsa Omelet w 1 egg +4 whites, Edamame

For some reason I have ignored taking pictures of my dinners, just imagine chicken or fish next to veggies. 🙂

Here’s to another 4 lbs? 🙂

Honestly, if you’re eating crap, why??!!! Start eating real food. You won’t go back.

4 thoughts on “1 week update on 4 Hour Body Program

  1. 4.5 lbs already?! That’s awesome! I might have to adopt this meal plan. Especially if it allows for hot sauce on cayenne pepper on salsa. I like the way you roll! Also, I will always giggle when I talk about nuts. Never gets old 🙂

  2. I’ve been eating low carb-high protein all week (except for wine, of course!) and I feel great! Keep the yummy recipes coming, love the inspiration.

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