What You Can Always Control


The one thing I know I can control is my body. I can’t control my thoughts or feelings. Maybe that’s why I like working out so much. If you know me, I can be a little dramatic and some might say, emotional. I can be a perfectionist and things done in an orderly way. When a domino effect of things don’t go my way, I like many, find myself what you might call “Stressed the F%$! Out!  What do I do? ….I workout. It’s the one thing that has never let me down, it answers my questions and gives me a cleaner slate to continue on with my day. It let’s me know that I am still powerful, strong, beautiful, hardworking, and maybe amazing. I love to smile, laugh, and make others happy. Sometimes it’s hard to feel good about yourself and when someone reminds you that you are, it can mean the world.  Take time for those who care about you, and for those who don’t – leave them in the dust, you’re too special to give yourself heartache.

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