My Wednesday Workout


                 Me not being motivated and wasting time 😛


Was soooo not motivated today… but I wrote out my workout, kicked my butt and feel better that I did it. Today was full body, only rested after each circuit was done 3x… so 2 rests periods for 1 min. The hardest part was the Mtn. Climbers since my shoulders were already tired from my BOY push ups. 🙂

I’d recommend not listening to Mariah Carey (my fave!) while working out… too much singing.

4 thoughts on “My Wednesday Workout

  1. Agree on the Mariah Carey ban while working out. I can’t run to anything I feel the need to sing to! My lungs can only handle oxygen intake of belting out the tunes – not both. Good job dragging yourself through a workout!

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