30 Day Shredded Program

In my never ending venture of becoming fitter and keeping things interesting (along with avoiding the plateau that occurs so often) I found myself walking into Fivestar Nutrition in Sacramento to get a little help.

The thing with me is that yes, I’m in great shape BUT honestly think it should be  better… NOW let’s not count the past two weekends with camping ( I was good M-F if that counts!!). I like many others had the “oh I’m starting the 30 day shred soon” excuse… yes we ALL do it. 🙂

I’d like to share what I’m doing so maybe you’ll join. If you do, start following me on twitter or instagram and shout out how you’re doing!

Do yourself a favor and take BEFORE and AFTER shots. You’ll regret it if you don’t, it’ll help you see results you might not have noticed. Take them in the AM @ wake up.  I’ll post my before tomorrow AM for accountability. Feel free to share yours with me on instagram or twitter.

I’m not using any kind of fat burners that will make me feel crazy or on edge. These are simply things your body makes and needs a little extra of when you start training hard and want max results. Let’s stop wasting our time with workouts when the nutrition isn’t there to support them!


Multi Vitamin, Protein Whey, CLA, BCAA’s, L-Carnitine

Fivestar Nutrition is off Greenhaven in Sacramento. They offer free shipping and are really helpful… I was asking every question I had while I was there and they told me to call if I had anymore. They also didn’t mind my 3 year old pouring 5 full cups of water to the rim from their Alhambra Dispenser… I felt so bad I drank 4  and took one for the road. Needless to say I ran to the bathroom when I got home.  Their website is fivestarsac.com.

I recently posted a few lifting workouts and circuits, those would be great to do with this.

Lower Body Workout

Full Body Circuit



Today I’m doing what I posted on twitter last night

#burnfat #workout 10 #pushups, 20 #squat jumps, 100 choice #abs, 10 #burpies, 20 #tricep dips, 12 heavy rows, :50 #plank do 3x -15min  cardio

BTW the cardio for me will be hard intervals on the stair machine at the gym.


this 30 day thing MIGHT have something to do with my 31st bday on July 6 😉

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