Before Weight and What 1 Clean Day Changes


Yesterday’s weight, when my before pictures were taken (yesterday’s post). I’m 5’7″ and have a lot muscle and I bet my bones are dense lol… so I’ve always been heavy, but if I lose 10lbs I will be lean and happy!!


This is this morning, 24 hrs later. Lost retaining water by eating clean, low sodium, stopped eating grains by 3pm, low sugar all day and had a good sweat! Let’s keep it going! 🙂

Goal is 150 by July 6th!!

6 thoughts on “Before Weight and What 1 Clean Day Changes

  1. I am shocked! By looking at you, I would never guess you weighed 160. It goes to show building muscle makes a huge difference. Good luck with your goal weight!

    • I’m drinking a gallon a day!! I have a gallon of water I refill in the fridge and make that disappear by bed time. Since I stop eating grains by 3PM I don’t have water retention like I would if I wasn’t (opportunity to absorb and just sit there) I’m sure with all your running you’ve been drinking that much!!

    • yes, no grains or fruit after 3PM… lets you body use muscle glucose for energy during the day so over night you’re a fat buring machine 🙂

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