Buddies That Weigh You Down


I’ve been lifting more lately and it’s like rediscovering a long lost love… ๐Ÿ™‚

I lifted a lot in college and after I had my first son until my 2nd. After my 2nd I had other things to focus on… uhh wtf! this baby is way more difficult than the first!!ย  We moved, our house burned down, lived in a Holiday Inn for a month, moved to a rental, bought everything we ever owned or needed back, built our house back, spent 100’s of hours getting our life back to semi normal,ย  lived in a motorhome from construction delays, lots of stress, good and bad days from just losing all my kids’ pictures and home videos ๐Ÿ˜ฅ , always thought about going to work- looked for jobs… trained for triathons and some big runs, moved back to our house etc… I don’t know, it’s been different and weird these last few years.

Anyway my point, lifting. Through all my house crap, being a mom (Zach who packs our week with sports and Ben 3, who’ll be there soon -yikes), taking the kids to do cool stuff – time consuming, trying to cook as many meals as possible at home, cleaning our freaking house – more lost time ( thinking about getting cleaners)… AND finally fitting in ME TIME which is working out, ….my dumbbells have become my new buddies. They’re awesome.

Lifting is not cardio. I don’t dread to do it. I love my dumbbells and love that I’m stronger and quickly seeing results ๐Ÿ™‚ …no wonder I lifted so much back in the day! Where has my head been these last few years!!

It’s good to be back!

My point is START LIFTING. Do some circuits with heavy weight!

Have a great weekend! Be prepared! Know your meals and workouts the day before!

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