It’s on like Donkey Kong

Awhile ago I read an article on top blog posts. One of the top posts was an “apology post” explaining why there had been such a large gap since the last post. This is not one of them. I’m not apologizing, it’s summer vacation and I have two kids and am a stay at home mom. ย The house is a mess and I choose to play all day with Ben and Zach, eat, and workout. Blogging makes zero $ because well, I’m not consistent and it’s really just for fun. ๐Ÿ™‚


I made great progress from my last post, fitness wise – will share that tomorrow hopefully…

I’ve decided to start training for my first ever NPC (National Physique Committee) Contest, Nov 1st of this year! ย That means spray tan, heels, make up, and a bedazzled bikini. Completely not really me… but I’m excited -all awhile my husband is worried I’m turning into a bodybuilder. lol

What else…. I’ve always had this dream of owning my own studio. I’ve been a member at too many places to complain too much about what ‘I would do’ and what ‘their doing wrong.’ ย Today I will call a commercial realtor and talk about looking for a location. Business plan wise I have written pages pages pages of everything that I want/what others are doing wrong and will organize that. Turning 31 last week has really gotten me to the point of ย “holy crap get going” mode.. hence the “Release your Passion” theme.

tata for now!


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