Delicioso Muscle Egg Crepes!!

Eating for my NPC FItness Competition is getting easier!! I’ve been investing more time in finding recipes that make you feel like you’re cheating! These crepes are made with Vanilla Muscle Egg – flavored egg whites… might sound weird… I have Chocolate Muscle Egg too 😉 It has been a life saver!! Check out  Muscle Egg  -it’s pretty crazy. You can thank me later!

Anyway, I can’t wait to make these tomorrow AM, I had them this morning and O.M.G. I put Smuckers Strawberry Jam (or make your own with truvia)  inside as the filling (just a TBS each). These were sugar free and BOMB.


1 cup Vanilla Muscle Egg

1/2 scoop Whey ( I used vanilla)

1 tbs Stevia

filling options:

I used Sugar Free (SF)  Jam



Peach Slices

Nectarine Slices

Banana Slices… w/SF choc syrup?… yum

What else? Let me know!

BTW you can make these Chocolate Crepes by using Chocolate Muscle Egg and using Chocolate Whey.

Mix all ingredients together and whisk or blend em’ up!

pour a little mixture on a PAM sprayed pan over low heat

move pan around so mixture gets all thinned out, cover, cook a little flip -ready quick!

don’t pour too much mix in or your crepe will be thick and spongy! That’s NOT how a crepe should be!

Fill it, Roll it, Devour, Smile.

BTW I thought these were plenty sweet. I might even skip the stevia tomorrow (my vanilla whey is on the sweeter side) It’s rare for me to have something so sweet so maybe I’m extra sensitive.  🙂

oh, one more BTW… I do eat sugar/bread/oats/ etc… I had blueberries on the side (3/4 cup). I’m not ALL sugar free/low carb all the time. My food depends on my training for the day… just wanted to throw that out there.

If you make them let me know how they turned out!

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