Fave Food and Fitness from this Week!

Oh yah I have a blog. 🙂   I’m pretty consistent on Instagram and Twitter so if you’re there,  say hi and let’s connect!
 Here is a recap of some of my favorite things from this week!
Peach Salsa! I ate it solo with a fork, on tilapia, and on salmon… all delicious. 2 peaches 2 tbs of green or red onion, 1 tbs lime juice,  dash of red pepper flakes and 1-2 tbs 2 of cilantro… I don’t measure exactly but always add til it tastes good. Never fails to taste bomb.  I like to dice the peach big because then it won’t get soggy as quick. 🙂
Sautéed chicken and broccoli, almond slices and Walden Farms (zero calorie) raspberry Vinaigrette on a low carb tortilla
I always heat up my tortillas over my gas stove’s flame, adds flavor. -How desperate is that.
This is before any posing lessons, no jokes I’ll learn! Got the top and bottoms from… Marshalls!! Holla!! cheap cheap
What do you think about the shorts and pants that have prints? I’ve seen some radical ones!!  …I just said radical.
TIP: Wear flats for leg day so that you can get more feel on the floor.
Me another day…. gotta track progress!!  look at my focus when aiming my camera….
Me today, laying after my workout not getting up… taking selfies… building some curves!! what what!!
Guess who went to Costco!??
Hubby gets the top shelf…. powerade, bacon n beer
Ben on his third serving of Salmon with Peach Salsa!!
If there’s a football player in the family it’s him.
On my morning 30 min cardio and Ben sets this station up… grabs all those things from that messy ass closet in the back.  He’s so cool.

My fave new breakfast, Oatmeal 1/2 c dry made with water, sugar free raspberry syrup and PB2 (powdered PB w/85% of the fat taken out)
I hope you got a little motivation and ideas from my week!
Happy Fit Friday!!

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