Competition Swimsuit Fabric Samples!!


Which one to choose…. I had a poll on my FB page and 70% said #5 purple…. a lot of people said #6 too.

My first two picks were both #3’s but since then have ruled out green #3 – Someone mentioned looking like a carrot and then, well yah… that ruined it. Lol.

I’m not too girly so purple is a little scarey. I have hazel eyes though and so usually that looks pretty good.

Black though makes me feel comfortable but am scared that it might be a little boring… it does make my eyes look lighter though and the possibility of being one if the few with black can’t be bad (purple and pink seem to be the two popular colors).

Remember, these will also be bedazzled, I’ll be bronzed as a mofo, and my hair and make up will be pimped out!! 😀

Decisions decisions… what do you think!!!


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