Leg Progress and Body Fat Goal!! Boom!


Bowchikawowo! Legs are looking better and will continue to as I get leaner…getting deeper “cuts.”

My last body fat check was 9 days ago, I was at 11.1%. I decided to make a goal to be at 10.0% by next Tuesday. I’m getting measured today to see how I’m doing…. Eeek!  I’ll update on that!!….

I wrote 10.0% on my mirror in front of my indoor bike which is my main cardio choice…who doesn’t love cycling to dance beats? That’s right no one. And if you don’t, you haven’t given it a fair shot! Booty, legs, core, back, everything on fire!!!

Anyhoo, having this 10.0%  really did make a difference in today’s cardio. It reminded me the whole time that I was sitting here for a reason!  To burn That butter!! Time to get busy!! I do 30 min. of hard intervals and at about 20 min I start to fade, this helped keeping

me focused. 🙂

This 10.0% is getting put up in my kitchen and in my car…I highly recommend you do the same with your goals!!!

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