Boo to an Unmotivating Monday


Today wasn’t perfect,  good, or OK… , it was kind of bad…. could’ve been worse …plus my back hurts.

In the AM I tried to go grocery  shopping only to get half the items because my 3 yr old, Ben, was efffffing NUTS!!  I usually go to Raley’s where they have a childcare -Ben loves going there, but it’s a little further and who knows, I thought he can handle himself. Lesson learned. And do not use self checkout at the grocery store with a 3 year old! Touching the items on the scale, pulling on the bags, trying to sit on the scale will all pause the checkout process and you’ll have to wait for “assistance”. I don’t want assistance, I wanna get the hell outta there.

Before this I took Zach to school. When will a 7 year old learn how to get ready all by themselves? At least without me needing to tell him every little detail! It’s the same thing M-F!  Wake up, dress, wash face, comb hair, brush teeth, eat, grab your backpack… that’s it! That’s 7 responsibilities, 6 if you don’t include waking up. OMG! I tell him something and I find him playing Kendama. And why doesn’t he eat breakfast? I wake up starving. I have to tell him to eat like a man… don’t put your fork  down… you should either be chewing, swallowing, or taking another bite. It’s ridiculous!

Now the gym. If you are on the rowing machine do not stare at someone working out. There are mirrors, I can see you. I don’t want to make eye contact with you every time I turn around. Look somewhere else, I was so annoyed I did the one of the biggest gym fowls… I left all the equipment i was using -bar, bosu, ball and mat – and walked out… went and started a whole new workout downstairs.

After the gym, we get Zach from school, I get them a bagel pizza from a bagel shop, went home, gave them relaxing time while I ate, helped with homework, went to  soccer, and then made dinner and had them hit shower. Half of the time here Ben is either crying or whining. OMG. Luckily he took a nap at Zach’s soccer practice so I can chit-chat with a friend.

If you have been reading lately you’ll know I’m training for an NPC Physique Contest. It’s November 1st. and so that makes me 6 weeks out.  Eating certain foods at certain times is really time-consuming. I can’t just go pick something up from anywhere. I have to make everything, measure everything, and eat everything. It might not sound like much but OMG, I have to run the washer sometimes 3 x a day because of all the crap I’m making. Getting in good workouts – lifting and then a separate cardio session 5x week is also getting a little nuts. My house is getting further behind in maintenance. My car is full of crap, dirty, and stinks. The ‘to dos’ I’ve been meaning “to do” (like organizing the playroom, my closet, pantry etc) are getting pushed back further and further… stuff is building and building.

I eat, workout. make snacks. meals. transport kids. deal with kids. and clean. Everyday.

I have like 4 knots in my back, I have a few in my calves and my lower back is killing me. My hair which I got done 2 weeks ago sucks again, i haven’t gotten a pedicure in like 2 months, and I have no cute clothes. I don’t care if I sound dumb. My husband is in NYC for business watching Monday Night Football at a bar with 2 friends. I’m sure he bought a sampler for his meal and the biggest beer they have. Lucky. I ate Salmon and a brussel sprout/cabbage salad. It was a 4 out of 10. I used the wrong kind of dressing. Ate half of it then tossed it. I then had a Diet Coke… I shouldn’t…

To end my night I had a about 10 handfuls of tortilla chips. I’m admitting it. They were good. Then about 30 minutes later my stomach hurt and was bloated. Not worth the pain, another lesson learned. Don’t eat crap.

That was my Monday.

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