Maxed Out


Doing some rope pull downs and what happens, I’m at the max weight, 150# (#=lbs), and can easily do at least 15 reps. I walk around and find 3- 5# add ons, now I’m at 165#. The weight isn’t heavy enough BUT all I have to do is adjust my rep speed. I do 2 counts pulling in and 4 counts out. I can barely do 10… problem solved.

Rope Pull Downs


Main Muscle Group: Lats

Secondary Muscles: Biceps, Shoulders, and Traps

Here’s a little ramble about what phases are in this exercise…

The pulling down portion is called the concentric phase. The main and secondary muscles are contracting, or you can say they’re shortening. Returning to starting point is called the eccentric phase. Instead of contracting now these muscles are lengthening while still maintaining tension. More muscles also join in on the eccenteric phase, your antagonist muscles. These muscles perform the opposite action used in the concentric phase. If they weren’t used you wouldn’t be able to control the slow/controlled motion back to start…you’d probably slam the weights down and get a lot of stares from people.. including me lol. šŸ™‚

Get it? Re-read if you didn’t…

Studies have proven that the eccentric phase actually builds more strength than the concentric. That’s why you should usually do a 1 count concentric, a 1-2 count pause at midpoint, then a 2-3 count eccentric on all exercises.

Lesson of the day… adjusting your rep speed is one way to challenge your routine!

Boom! Go Workout!!

Thank you man in all white for demonstrating. Ā šŸ™‚

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