4 Weeks Out! FFFFFF……..k

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

From today its’ exactly 4 weeks until I do this crazy NPC competition.

I really don’t know what to call it… I’ve been saying “fitness competition” ..but it’s not really that because we’re not doing anything fitness related (well posing is actually pretty hard)  but… yah… hmmm when I say Bodybuilding… I get eeked because I think of massive body builders… If someone calls it a bikini contest I also get eeked because then I think of air heads walking around in bikinis.  OMG is that what I’m becoming!! lol.  To be honest the one thing I’ve always been good at is working out and being dedicated in the gym and eating. So can I then call it the “Gym Competition?” …. I dunno.

Why would I do this? Why not? It’s made me healthier, I’ve eaten more veggies and lean protein than ever before. Also the amount of beer and alcohol that I haven’t drank has I’m sure prolonged my life… and let’s not start on all that $$$$ I’ve saved from not going out.

What I’d like to Focus on this next week is HARD CARDIO INTERVALS.  2 min warm up – 20 seconds sprint   40 seconds rest 2 min warm down. = 32 minutes. (I REALLY MEAN SPRINTING)

Water intake at least a gallon… no more diet coke (few cheats here n there) &  up my green tea = FAT BURN

Multi Vitamin everyday, SLEEP! 8 is impossible so 7 would be great, I’ve been averaging 6 .

Also I’m going to start using my teeth whitening kit I bought awhile  ago from my dentist. $200 to have it sitting in a drawer…lord…. pearly whites coming soon.

Photo Friday below!! Get some goals for the upcoming week written down. 🙂

coffee as my pre-workout


I know people are like oh no!!! But I’m going to do my own hair and make up. I might have a horror story, but then at least I’ll have a good story to tell. 🙂

I don’t like people touching me… lol. And I like to do things on my own…. If they say I did bad because I looked awful then I’ll laugh and say I don’t give a shit! I think I look awesome!

this is my first hair trial, took 20 min, I need to get it out of my face because the lighting from above will cast shadows on my face. Next time I’ll spray it back a lil

This is my tough but I’m scared like shit face when I’m on stage.


these are my two cutie petuties… can’t wait to eat one of these. nom nom!  Zach loves posing for shots like that.

Ben                                                                                                                           Zach


Which one do you like the best?  I chose black for my color.

Black Falling Stars Two-Piece Figure Competition SuitBlack Glittery Dots Two-piece Figure Competition SuitBlack Glittery Two-Piece Figure Competition Suit

Glittery Dots Velvet Two-piece Figure Competition SuitBlack Slinky Two-piece Figure Competition Suit

12 thoughts on “4 Weeks Out! FFFFFF……..k

  1. I would like to say Hi from one trainer to another. I am an IFBB pro fitness competitor from long ago and a mom of a 4-year old boy, so I GET IT! So good luck with your training and I hope you do well. I like the second suit from the top. Think it will stand out more on stage.

  2. Suit 2 for sure! Go big or go home! It’s go time WOMAN!

    Can you please do your routine to Katy Perry’s…ROAR!! 😉👯

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