My Music for on Stage!!

For my NPC Show I have to come up with a routine that’s 90 or less seconds. I only perform this at finals in the evening.

What do you do in the routine?… flexing to beats…lil dance hip action… just be entertaining I guess… this sounds so dumb (can’t believe I’m gonna do this) but I’M GONNA ROCK IT! ….or not?? hehe

I start working on my routine tomorrow with ย IFBB Pro, Trish Woods. ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s awesome.

When my friend Stephanie heard this song she said “omg Ghetto!” lol

My husband said “Well I guess it sounds like a song you would watch muscles to” LOL

Other songs were too overplayed… too fast… too poppish… too explicit… etc..


What do you think about my music choice? ….be nice

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