Welcome Pain. Be an Exerciser.


I approach each workout as if it’s an opportunity for me to become better and stronger than yesterday. Which it always is, so I welcome it. 

It helps that I like to think I’m the dopest “exerciser” ( can that be a profession? ) ….meaning if I was being graded on technique, focus, drive, and execution… I would win.

I like the word exerciser BTW.

Anyhoo… you’re not the best exerciser by lifting the most weight, running a faster time, or being the sweatiest. You are the best exerciser when you take the present challenge and out work everyone in the room + yourself.

How can you tell who the best is?

It’s that person that doesn’t fiddle faddle, doesn’t waste time talking, is learning, watching, and thinking. That person mustering everything they have to execute, welcoming the challenge without fear. 

That is an Exerciser. A Fearless Mofo.


….can you tell I need more hobbies.

Happy Monday. Go sweat somewhere. ;P

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