Crap! 1 Week til Show Time…

Yo Yo Yo! Happy Friday!!

In 1 week I will already be a creepy orange bronzed beauty. Can’t believe it. I just keep saying in my head… shit.shit.shit.

LOL. What’s even more unbelievable is that I decided to do another show the following week, in Culver City. Figured I’ve trained this long and hard… might as well get my worth out of it. I’m assuming Culver City will be more challenging. crap crap crap. We will see.

My week has been good.  I still need to decorate for Halloween, damn! I keep saying tomorrow but then the kids wanna do something else…  I’m not decorating solo!! If they want to decorate they will help!! 🙂

I noticed the other day that I NEVER step into our pantry anymore. I haven’t eaten out of a bag or box ….or can in  forever! wow! I couldn’t even tell you what I ate since starting that came in packaging…other than my protein powder. Food for thought.

Here is a little about my week.


progress pix!  consistency is what won this time. I have not been perfect…but yes very good to the extreme for an average person.

I did not have ‘cheat meals’ or ‘cheat days’ … I did have an incident with M&M’s  & cookie dough…also there was a few camping trips where I drank shhh…beer.


This is breakfast #2.  ( I eat oatmeal before early AM workout)

When I go to sleep I’m excited to wake up and eat. 1 egg, 6 egg whites, spinach  n onion. & lil pico de gallo.


I just wanna make sure everyone got the memo… stop walking down the crap isles (pretty much all the isles in the center of a grocery store)

If you want a cookie, meet someone for dessert or take your kids… make it a fun trip. You won’t eat 10 cookies in front of someone. 😉 lol


I love Zach so much. This was his reaction when he saw my Competition Suit for the first time.

I was like “Zach you wanna see my Suit for my (I call it) Fitness Show?”

I actually had enough time to get my phone and take a pix … he was laughing for quite a while.

Not what he was expecting I guess.

That feeling that I’m about to have, woot woot! Ben woke me up at 2AM and I was not tired so did laundry and made coffee.

I’m on my 2nd cup… it’s 3:55AM. lol OMG.

My workouts are from 5:20AM-6:20AM …. I’ll have to get ready soon. haha.

thx for reading! Stay tuned to see how I do next Friday!!  …… fuck fuck fuck.

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