Breakfast=Smash Hit


I stopped buying cereal awhile ago and our mornings have been MUCH MUCH better. If they knew it was in the cabinet my kids would whine for it… not anymore!!

Ben (3) and Zach (7) gobbled this up quick. I felt like such a champ. 🙂 Nothing feels better than knowing your kids just ate super awesome.

While they were eating I talked with them about WHAT they were eating.

What the turkey has in it… protein… what does protein do? …. makes you strong.

What does the cheese have? Calcium… makes bones strong etc… I even showed them the food label and read it to them, pointing to the areas of the label that are important to read… like SUGAR… 0g

Pistachios have a ton of minerals so they looked at that on the label. The cutie has natural fruit sugars and Vit C!

So they ate while I was putting on a sort of ‘show’ … they loved it, learned, and ate healthy. Woohoo!

Try this next time with your little ones! 🙂

What do you do to get your kids to eat healthy?

Later Gators

4 thoughts on “Breakfast=Smash Hit

  1. right?! it’s nuts! no wonder kids want cereal so bad. all the boxes, all the colors, all the SUGAR. it’s a huge pet peeve…loading kids up on sugar before they go learn all day! craziness!

    • I know it’s so sad that it’s a staple for so many people! As adults we have to teach ur kids the why’s and why nots!! … especially in food BC if we don’t… they won’t know! Happy Holidays!!

  2. i’ve been on the quest to rid cereal from the kids life too! i make a smoothie for the entire family every morning. fruit, yogurt and acai juice. blueberries are the only thing that’s always in the smoothie, otherwise i change ingredients fairly often so they don’t get sick of them. in addition to the smoothie, we have whole grain english muffins or i make muffins on sunday for the entire week. and i did win the battle against fruit loops, cocopuffs and the crap cereal they were eating. if they eat cereal at all now, it’s cheerios. maybe one day i can get them to eat as healthy as this post! baby steps! food is a daily battle in our house.

    • Awesome! It’s ridiculous how big the cereal aisle is isn’t it?! lol… Muffins are a great way to sneak healthy foods in, puree broccoli, carrots etc. 🙂 you go!

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