New M-F Blog Themes!!

This first just because I love this..

ANYHOO… I really need to work on time management if I want to NOT have an embarrassing blog… so I’ve decided to come up with a daily theme so that I can have a good balance on fitness topics and have a schedule… blogger 101 I know.

Here’s the line up-

Motivation Monday: Start the week off right with something that makes you believe in yourself!! …because honestly, it’s sometimes hard to go and “conquer the world.’ I’m sure you’ve heard of this if you’re on Instagram or twitter …#motivationmonday  On IG I’m @a_fitness_obsession &  twitter: @eatsweatsleep     …. I know I need to have one name…

Training Tuesday: Learn some of the latest moves to help  you get your hottest body ever …sound like a magazine cover? Good.

Wisdom Wednesday: For some long time followers… I was ALL SCIENCE, total physiology in all my articles, it’ll be back on Wednesday. Return of the Nerd!

Trendy Thursday: What’s new in the fitness world of fashion, gadgets, and equipment? What are some good old basics that are too good to not fade out? Let’s take a look…

Food Friday: What am I doing for food? I’ll share anything food… maybe my shopping list for the upcoming week, or some of my mad food prep skills, recipes… all right before the weekend so you remember to prep yourself. 😉

Have a great weekend!! Be prepared and plan where you’ll be so you know what to eat!! NO EXCUSES!!

another funny…. all I gotta say is For Real Though!!!

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