Motivation Monday: The Choice is Yours


wanting: lacking or absent, deficient in some part, thing,                                               or respect, lacking; without, less; minus

deciding: that settles a question or dispute or leads to a
final decision; determining; decisive: the deciding vote

Big difference between the two, and yes…. all of us of course WANT certain things in life but are we actually making a decision on making it happen?

I’ll share what I WANT… a little back story first: This past Friday I invited my family out to dinner… we went out and some lame ass drama happened…. uhhhhh!!! The night was ruined. That night and all day Saturday I walked around with a rain cloud over my head…. wahhh!!

I was sad, mad, disappointed, confused.. feeling shitttaaaayyy.

Sunday morning rolls around and I’m still gloomy. My husband asks what’s up and I tell him that I’m still upset about the “incident.” He seems surprised and is like “What you can’t let that affect you this bad, (ok is it effect or affect? I still have a hard time learning the proper time to use it lol) you can’t let people suck you into this, can’t let them (basically) beat you up and win.”

Anyway, he said something like that. What’s funny is after he said this the first thing I imagined was the Harry Potter scenes where Voldermont sucks the life out of everyone… That’s how I felt.

The 2nd thing I thought was that no one can beat me up and win.

If you met my husband you would like him. Everyone does. I get a little jealous not gonna lie… how can someone be so happy, calm, patient, and fair all the time. He doesn’t get ticked of when someone cuts him off… I’m like damnit!!! F U!! and I’m in the passenger seat. lol

ANYWAY I decided what I WANT is to not let people fuck me up!! Not to suck the life out of me. I am DECIDING this.  My steps are to stay calm and breath when something shitty happens, think of bigger and better things that are happening at that moment (i.e there were 6 other ppl at dinner having fun) and be thankful that I am not having their problem. Also… thinking of my kids will help. i.e “My kids think I’m the bomb and that’s all that matters.”  lol

So what do you WANT?

more $$$$$$, health, friends, free time, clear skin -anything

Write it down.

List the steps needed to make it happen.

Decide to do it.

Do step 1 asap.



4 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: The Choice is Yours

  1. I have this quote hanging above my desk: “Inner peace begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” I read it every time someone pisses me off (which is a lot).
    It sounds like you are loaded with self awareness. So good that you can recognize the problem and put a plan in place to move forward. Can a little of that rub off on me, please? 🙂

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