Training Tuesday: Hurts so Good, Leg Press.


OK so for today I really wanted to post a video of me doing some kind of leg exercise or even a damn picture…. BUT I didn’t have anyone to take one and didn’t feel like asking some bro at the gym.

If you are doing legs you have to use the leg press. DONT BE SCARED OF IT.  It’s a comfortable position and what’s nice is you can load wayyyy more weight on it than a squat rack. You don’t have to worry about falling or hurting your back, it’s all good!

Load some 45’s and sit in, comfy isn’t it? There are different foot placements you can use, today I placed my toes slightly over the top edge, outsides of feet on outer platform…’normal stance.’

See the handles on each side of the seat, grab them and turn them in towards you, this will unlock the base. You are ready to work! Let the base fall down towards you, taking about a 3 second count. When my quads almost touch my chest I press out at about a 1 second count. If you end up unable to press out because it’s too heavy, no biggie, there are stoppers to save your life.

Here are some cheesy ass pictures… I’ll do better next week for my ‘Training Tuesday’ (these are embarrassing Lol).







I did 3×12 with 320# (# = lbs) then did a 4th set because I wasn’t satisfied. I went up to 360# and asked a guy to spot me. I was able to pull out 16 on that set with 360#. Having a spotter helped because I wasn’t scared to go to complete failure. Obviously, this means I should have gone up on my first 3 sets… no way should I have done 16 with that weight…. I held back!!

Love this machine, with this stance it hit all my leg groups…

imagehow to build leg muscles

Go the +1 route and learn the real anatomical names.  🙂

If you do leg day right, you should be waddling out the gym.

♥ angie



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