Be the Shitness (ASAP)

Today is ‘Trend Thursday’ … I’m talking about the undying trend of getting off your ass. enjoy. 

Was this you at some point in your life?  Were you freakin awesome, in love with yourself, full of energy, power, zest, life?  Were you a badass? Or maybe you still  are… but I bet  you know someone who since High School or College,  has done a complete 180. A 180 in the person they were,  their attitude, love for life, excitement, even their want for happiness. AND of course their health!

Would it be fair to say that some people feel like this… daily?

I don’t know about you, but I wanna be that girl getting the gold… well at least it looks like she won gold… maybe she got last and got a best time, good for her. 🙂

I blog just to share what I love. Being healthy and fit. If I don’t workout I feel sluggish, moody, short-tempered, bored… like the girl in the 2nd picture.

“OMG Angie is always talking about working out… posting pictures, what she’s eating, blah blah.”  I know there has to be people like that. lol whatever! It makes me happy. My life, my happiness = girl getting the gold.

Anyway my point is, people who judge are people who are unhappy with themselves.

If you find yourself judging people on FB, people at the store, people at everywhere! ..then look into it.

OK here is where we connect all this random bullshit I’m blabbering about.

When we were young young… like 7, we wake up happy. We love life, we didn’t know why the hell we wouldn’t.  – how smart we were.

We get older,  still feel on top of the world… quickly bypass the awkward stage, and BOOM on top, senior year in High School… I am the shitness!! POW peace sign in your face!

We thought we were the shit because we had fun. Not because we really were… but because we had so much fun each day we would look forward to the next!

We get older, reality hits,  girl in the 2nd picture shows up…life isn’t fun anymore. She’s sad. Doesn’t feel like herself, knows she’s not the shit… just shitty.

I’m not dumb, of course I know a variety of factors can play  into making someone do the 180. Stress sucks, work life, family, $$$$$ etc.. but there’s this magic thing that happens when you do something….

When you workout you feel like this

or if you have a fruit salad…

That’s exactly how you feel the second you are done!!

FITNESS!! If you are not working out… start! If you are working out and not getting results, hire someone.

How much $$$$$ do people waste on SHIT each month. Beer, Cocktails, Junk, Crap Food, Cigarettes, etc…  but when they think of an hour class that maybe costs $15-$20 they gasp and hold their chest. REALLY?

How does all that junk make you feel? How does it make you look? Are you proud of yourself?  No, you might start to feel like girl #2 if you keep at it. It’s a sad domino effect. After time goes by,  some people just can’t stand back up…like girl in photo #2.

Well like I said, I wanna be that winner at the top. I don’t let Kellogg’s trick me into buying their “healthy” granola chocolate bars. I know better and I hope that I influenced you just a smidge. 🙂

I’m ranting today sorry, but if I made you think about working out, eating better, to stop hating, or just to give someone a damn like… I did my job on this post. Phhhewww.

tootle loo!


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