Goodbye, Hello

Goodbye, Hello

This picture cracks me up. It’s kinda like I’m saying thank you to my fans… lol. I don’t have fans but there were people in the audience watching… maybe one day 🙂

The Holidays came and went, AND I did the impossible, I lost 1.5% bodyfat…. woohoo!

Just like bad habits are hard to break, good habits are hard to break also. I really was just trying to maintain… lol I’m sure everyone is rolling their eyes, “Oh good for you Angie.”

ANYHOO yes I ignored this blog BC honestly, I needed to refocus myself and chill the fuck out! 😉 This picture is up because it’s my goodbye to blog 2013  and hello to  blog 2014, I’m back mofo’s so see yah MONDAY!!

And don’t forget I added new blog themes! Blog Organization…my New Years Resolution!! 😉


BTW see the mom tiger stripes on my hip? I could have edited that out BUT, keeping this pix unedited bc it’s all ME!!!  Well technically I made it black and white.. so it is edited… but you know what I mean. xoxo   Mom Wounds…..

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Hello

  1. A sound work ethic in bodybuilding and sculpting. That’s dedication and persistence. Those qualities are saving qualities for many to read about and witness on your blog. They can help people be inspired to make their lives dedicated and productive. Now if you can stop dogging on your own blogging skills…(0:

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