Motivation Monday, Just You


Do you ever second guess yourself?

Most of us do, and if you don’t, damn. Can I be your friend?

I feel like when I second guess myself it’s because I think about how others will react to it; how others will think about me.

Especially with fitness being my area of interest, it’s tricky to spread what I enjoy without seeming like I’m harping on people or trying to show people ‘up.’

I try my best to write and show what I love to do in a tasteful/entertaining way. It may be a sweaty selfie in small tiny clothes with a few f bombs attached in the description, but that’s me. It’s being healthy and fit and that’s how I show it, the proof of what I preach… my physical self.

In the past when I would post a picture of myself or anything, half of what I was thinking was that I hoped people weren’t rolling their eyes. I knew some did, probably still do Rude Mutha Fucka Haters  ;). Honestly though thinking about it,  I offer myself to help anyone who wants to do what I do. I write about it and share what I eat. What I do is completely available to anyone. And other than this being a hobby, I do this to help others.

Back then I cared what others thought about me. Today though I don’t. I owe most of it to my nightly reading which is usually some kind of self improvement book. Might sound lame BUT this is probably the #1 reason why I am happy with myself today. From being some what of a badass when I was younger, to a stay at home mom, can in some ways make me feel a little…. deflated…

I paired the quote above with the night sky to represent the freedom you feel when you stop worrying about how others perceive you and you START BEING YOU. PERIOD.

Happy Monday, Go be you. 100%.


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