Mack Daddy of all Exercises

Yes, it’s Wednesday and Training Tuesday was yesterday. But you see…

1) Sick Child

2) Blog write up


Let’s talk the mack-daddy of all lifts. You do this everyday, at least 20+ times -if you don’t you’re either hella lazy or bed ridden.

I’m talking about deadlifts.

2 Reasons why I think it Rules:

  1. It’s a Functional Exercise: You actually need this move to LIVE. ooo dramatic.
  2. It’s a Compound Exercise: You use multiple joint movements = HELLA  muscles used.

Muscles Muscle Muscles Baby

Equipment: Barbell, Plates & Cap, Lifting straps if needed.

You can do this with dumbbells too, but don’t be scared to use a barbell. We are lifting here. 😉

Starting Position Pointers: – Shins to barbell, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders over bar, overhand grip @ outside of knees. Back is flat from pelvis to head, shoulder blades together.

(here’s Mr. Sexy showing us how it’s done)

Lifting Pointers: Initiate with your ass  glutes (squeeze those mofos) start straightening legs THEN open up your hip angle. DO NOT extend your hips before initiating knee extension -prevent injury here. The bar should be touching your skin at all times, very close to at least.

Second Phase: Stand up, force hips forward from glutes… Finish standing tall with back straight, shoulders down and give a little glute squeeze for points. 🙂

Lowering Down:  Just do this carefully, you don’t need to reverse steps exactly to lower -bend your knees if you need and just get the bar on the ground.

Your grip strength will be used here for sure, I try to do as many as I can until I feel like the bar is gonna slip, then I put my lifting straps on.

And yes, deadlifts work better than this exericse

Here are some everyday Deadlift occurrences::

How many times have I said eat over your fucking plate.

Why can’t anyone pick up their own damn clothes.

Point IN the toilet, not around, behind or above it. IN.

The WORST for some reason.

Holidays come and go, in and out of the box.

FUCK. Why do I care if their play room is picked up, OCD.


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