Having a Trainer, an Undying Trend

It’s Trendy Thursday and I’m going to briefly talk about why you need a trainer. It’s a trend that won’t ever go away.

Yes, you know you need to workout, eat right, the whole whoola… Knowing isn’t enough.

Duh, you actually gotta do it AND be consistent. Of course you can’t have a cheat DAY, of course you don’t reward yourself with food (you’re not a dog).

I really really really am looking forward to working with a few new people this upcoming week because it will change their muthueffin lives! I’m not kidding. They will probably eat more, and some may workout less. They will learn a whole lot! Not to mention I am fun!

The best athletes know how to run, hit a tennis ball, make a basket etc… but it’s the trainers that get these athletes to reach their peak.

Quick benefits of working with a trainer:

Nutrition Plan – What, When, and How Much to eat

Workouts for your Goals– Don’t waste your time doing things that don’t work

Accountability– Don’t piss me off. 😉

Motivation– 🙂  My favorite Part

Routine– It’s a lifestyle that you will become obsessed with

Support– That’s why we love what we do

Maximize Workout Time– In and Out…. walk out noodly

Results– With consistency you can’t lose.

I myself go workout with a trainer 1x/week. I get my body fat measured and get my ass kicked. It’s fun to get caught up on the week with their life and adds a different element to training. A new scene helps! It also helps me to re-establish my mindset and focus on the week ahead. It’s not that I don’t know how to workout, do the lifts, or anything like that, it’s FUN… it helps to keep me motivated and stay ACCOUNTABLE. It’s weird and unfortunate that we are more easily to let ourselves down before someone else.

Please remember not all trainers are equal! I’ve seen some do stupid stuff… bad form themselves… and some just end up being rep counters… zzzzzzzz zzzzzzz

Happy Thursday

4 thoughts on “Having a Trainer, an Undying Trend

  1. Yeaaaah! Agreed! My hubby is my trainer (whew, saves me a lot of moola) so it’s nice to have that person wake you up, “Shouldn’t you be getting outta bed? What are you training today?” or, “You can’t eat that, that’s not on the diet, nice try!”

    Haha, I thought it would be annoying and straining on the relationship. I realize though that he’s only doing what I asked him to, and if I listen to him, I could very well take home a trophy in my competition. So hell yeah! Kick my ass, push me outta bed, slap my hand when I put something sugary near my mouth!


  2. i had the worse trainer ever BUT i learned more in that 6 months than a lifetime in the gym fumbling around on my own. it was worth every penny, but it turned me off on trainers. i should have just called you but benny was so little at the time.

    you should give people advice on how to qualify a trainer. it’s super expensive and people should know who they’re giving their money too before signing up and being stuck with a fucktard jersey-shore douchebag for 6 months! i wish i knew then what i know now!

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